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  • Publishing Perspectives 2020

    The publishing world has evolved significantly over time. Look at us now, people have access to any book in the world, we can buy it in printed form or as an e-book. With the rise of internet and technology, there are no more boundaries in reading and getting new knowledge. On estimate, there are more than 900 000 new books published every year. Can you imagine the tremendous choice that a consumer has? It is really good that we can afford this nowadays no matter our location. Readers can choose whatever they want according to their personal preferences, quality demands and budget. And there are books to suit everyone’s taste. On a side note, Libraterra offers you the choice of a great selection of books in medicine, education, social sciences, and psychology. Click here to see what we have in store for you. On the other side, authors are totally free to publish their content. Lost are the days when it was very hard for an author to publish a book. The book was either rejected or the publishing costs were too high. Fortunately, it is easier today because authors have access to different services, a lot of companies offer affordable prices and good marketing strategies which end up in nice sales at the end of the year. The traditional publishers, the companies that offer lots of publishing services and resources, the self-publishing are still trends in 2020 with a big focus on quality and personal brand. The such named authorpreneur trend is related to the great impact of social media on sales and marketing of products. Authors need to build an online presence, build a personal brand to become noticeable and have more sold books. This can be done on social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or personal blogs. The author is the brand and if the main goal is to gain money, a business plan should be created beforehand. E-books are still on the market and printed books are also favoured by readers. Regarding the printed form, the tendency is the Print on Demand to get rid of books that are kept in stocks and are not sold for years. This is a respect to the environment as well, taking into account that 1 tree is equivalent with 50 printed books. Overall, these publishing trends will not be slowing down anytime soon. As there are more and more books released on the market, it is important for authors, readers, publishing houses and bookstores to keep up the pace, follow the trends and maybe come up with new ones.